Solar Energy Solutions

for balers and compactors


Industrial Solar Power:

A Push Towards Energy Efficient Hydraulics

Over the past 10 years through extensive product development we have managed to produce solar powered units that match the reliability and performance of traditional power units while maintaining affordability. In addition to lower installation and energy costs: Federal, state and local governments offer solar tax credits and rebates furthering the cost effectiveness of our Power Units.


The ability to disconnect from the power grid makes the Power Unit mobile and operation ready, no setup required. Just drop and pack.

As now Tesla in the production of electric vehicles has made a splash in the world and in terms of production of electronic motors overtakes the whole world, which produces internal combustion engines, so does Hydrolec Inc. uses the same technology to power a solar hydraulic power pack with a lithium-ion battery.


This allows us to reach a whole new level of understanding and expanding the boundaries in the use of hydraulics, solar energy and IT.


The application we have created is compatible with any smartphones and will allow you to have access and control to your equipment from anywhere in the world.


Solar + LifePo4 (lithium ion phosphate batteries)
fits both Vane or Gear Pumps
perfect for variable volume vane or piston pumps up to 5000 psi