Industrial Solar Power: A Push Towards Energy Efficient Hydraulics

Perhaps the most exciting new products to come out of Hydrolec's factory are our new solar power packs.


Sun Built, as we're calling it, are machines that no longer require anything but the power of the sun to function. Fundamentally, our solar powered machines function the same as every product we manufacture. The main difference, however, is the addition of two 24 or 48 volt industrial solar power panels to the top of the machine depending on how much power it needs. The panels feed into deep cycle batteries and ensure that the machine has a lot juice for a long time.

Another revolutionary difference between our solar power packs and the competitions is our use of DC motors with permanent magnets. This allows our units to handle up to 250 amps making them some of the most energy efficient on the market today. Simply put, less energy consumption means less money wasted on powering each machine. And don't worry; if you are wondering what happens without enough sub, each machine comes equipped with an auxiliary battery charger that can be engaged up lower battery level monitored by a dc sensor.