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Hydrolec Inc. is known for its manufacturing for hydraulic power units for multiple industrial applications. Our power units and control panels are used in compactors, balers, tippers, gates, lifts, pallet crushers, sprayers and other such applications.

All of our power units are manufactured to meet and/or exceed the following guidelines:

  1. TUV (UL508-A)

  2. ETL

  3. z245.2 (Compactors)

  4. z245.5 (Baling equipement)

  5. NFPA 70/70

We also offer Category II, III and IV, safety rated products.

Our products are mainly categorized under 3 section:

  1. Single phase/Three phase Hydraulic Power Packs

  2. Solar powered Power pack (Sun Built)

  3. Control panels​​

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