Hydrolec Inc. is known for its manufacturing for hydraulic power units for multiple industrial applications. Our power units and control panels are used in compactors, balers, tippers, gates, lifts, pallet crushers, sprayers and other such applications.

All of our power units are manufactured to meet and/or exceed the following guidelines:

  1. TUV (UL508-A)

  2. ETL

  3. z245.2 (Compactors)

  4. z245.5 (Baling equipement)

  5. NFPA 70/70

We also offer Category II, III and IV, safety rated products.

Hydraulic Power Packs we build are specially designed for EnOEm, consists of an electric motors, hydraulic pumps and at least one or more valves.


The motor powers the unit, the pump provides the oil flow that runs the hydraulic and the valve changes the direction in which the oil flows and directs the hydraulic cylinder whether it needs to move forward or rotate Hydraulic Motors CW, CCW, Reverse or Neutral.


Each unit we manufacture needs to be controlled which is why we build and assemble all our own control boxes in our state-of-the-art factory located right here in the USA. After the box is built, we use only the finest and most reliable electronic components and PLCs in order to make sure your unit  will perform as expected and now can be operated with cell phone.


In fact, Hydrolec uses only the best parts in every product we manufacture to ensure that your finished hydraulic is not only reliable, but will be for a very long time. And rest assured that if you do have a problem, Hydrolec’s tech support has an answer. We guarantee that with routine maintenance everything we produce will not only outlast the competition, but will do so efficiently and effectively. 90% Power Packs will outlast the original equipment