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Control panels

for balers, compactors and other machinery

What is a PLC?

A PLC, or programmable logic controller, is the computer system used to control the automated functions of the machine it is attached to. In the industrial hydraulics world, we use PLCs to control processes like shutting down a compactor or baler when it is nearing capacity. The PLC communicates with a sensor (usually the limit switch, pressure switch, or photo eye) to let you know it is time to bale your materials so it can be emptied and the process can be started over.

Hydraulic Control Panel:


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What makes Hydrolec's PLC's different?

Here at Hydrolec we’re revolutionizing the way users can interact with their machines. The newest innovation we’re working on will allow the PLC to communicate via Internet and will notify the user via text message, email or both when the machine requires attention. In the future, integrating an industrial grade touch screen on the exterior of the control box will allow users more control over their machine than ever before. Stay tuned to for more information on when this industry-changing technology will be available.

Why do you need it?

You are running a successful business. You don’t have time to monitor every hydraulic compactor and baler you have and sometimes your employees don’t either. With this revolutionary new technology, every time one of your machines needs attention our application designed for any smartphone will let you know. It’s never been more convenient to monitor your entire operation straight from the palm of your hand.

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